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How SCRIP Works

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About The SCRIP Program 

SCRIP is a fundraising program that sells gift cards in various amounts to many local and national retailers. Gift cards are sold at face value, but Notre Dame earns a percentage on every card sold, ranging from 1% to 15%.Currently enrolled families also earn a percentage from each card sold as tuition credit. This program is an excellent way for parents, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame to help raise funds for our school programs with no time, effort or financial commitments. Each gift card sold helps Notre Dame earn thousands of dollars every year for the school. 

If you wish to earn tuition credit, please complete and sign the Scrip Agreement form and email it to
the Director of Advancement, Theresa Tobey at or simply return the completed form to the Advancement Office at Notre Dame.Family and friends may also purchase SCRIP in support of your student by filling out the SCRIP agreement form and direct their rebates to you. The form can be found by clicking the link below.

Gift cards can be purchased in our Advancement office every school day from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM. To make a purchase you must complete a Scrip order form.  A form can be picked up in the office or downloaded by clicking the link below. 

SCRIP Online Or From Your Mobile Device 

For your convenience, you can access many of the SCRIP national retailers  24/7 through the use of Presto Pay and the RaiseRight App.  This option is also available to your family and friends and their purchases can be linked to your family account! Families & friends near & far can purchase SCRIP!

Things to Do Before Creating a Presto Pay and/or The RaiseRight App.

Contact Scrip Coordinator Theresa Tobey to:

  • Verify your Scrip Account

  • You will need an active email address and cell phone number. 

  • Request enrollment code from Theresa Tobey, Director of Advancement. The Enrollment Code links your account to Notre Dame. 

  • Visit: and follow the steps to create your family account.

  • Once your RaiseRight account is created you are now ready to set up Presto Pay and/or download the RaiseRight App.  



"We greatly appreciate all our families and friends who use SCRIP regularly"

~ Notre Dame High School

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