Giving opportunities


At Notre Dame High School we are always extremely grateful for the support we receive from our Notre Dame community. It is because of this support and generosity that we are able to successfully function as a school and provide our students with the strong academic curriculum they deserve. 

There are many ways that you can support Notre Dame High School. However you choose to contribute,  your donation will have a great impact on the life of a Notre Dame student. The individuals who support Notre Dame are making a tremendous investment, not only to our school, but to our students, our community, and our world. 




Annual Fund Appeal 
Each July, Notre Dame launches the Annual Fund Appeal to contribute to the operating costs of the school, as well as financial aid academic enrichment materials, student leadership training and professional development for teachers. Annual Fund letters go out to solicit gifts from alumni, current parents, alumni parents/grandparents and friends of Notre Dame. 

Notre Dame's fiscal year is July 1 to June 30th. Please make your donations by June 30th in order to be included in our latest Annual Report. 


Honor and Memorial Gifts 
Honor a loved one with your donation or give your support to Notre Dame High School in memory of someone special. 

For decades Notre Dame was nurtured by a "living endowment" of the Sisters of Mercy, who taught and administered the school with almost no financial compensation. Times have changed and so have the demographics of the school. We no longer have the Sisters to depend on. It is clear that to ensure that Notre Dame High School remains a leader among Catholic secondary schools, we must dramatically build an endowment. 

Your help is absolutely essential to develop a significant endowment so that we are able to generate the revenue needed to enhance our programs and to continue to provide our students with superior academic studies. The endowment will also allow us to provide an ever increasing source of revenue which will help to support our future demand for need based assistance and additionally help to guarantee we have the very best teachers for our students. 

We invite you to consider an investment in the future of Notre Dame High School through a gift to our endowment. 


Planned Giving 
In the life of schools, Notre Dame is still young, but its is important for the school to plan for its longevity. One of the best ways to help us ensure Notre Dame's longevity and map its future is through Planned Giving. A planned gift is any major gift made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate plan. Planned Giving often allows individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their annual income. These gifts can easily be arranged through your personal attorney.  

Imagine your planned gift as a bridge through the generations and think of your investment as instilling the Mercy vision, mission and beliefs in the young men and women of tomorrow at Notre Dame High School. Make Notre Dame a part of your will, bequest or other planned gift and you can make a difference at Notre Dame High School. 



What to Give?
The simplest way to support Notre Dame High School is through cash gifts. Other creative gifts of assets can include stocks, bonds, real property and personal property (such as artwork). These can not only provide you with charitable deductions, but often offer additional tax savings as well.