Online Learning and Privacy Policy

Below is a list of the possible sites to be used in our classrooms, with links to their privacy policies and terms of services.  Please feel free to explore and contact the website owners for more information.  By no means is this a static or exhaustive list of educational websites used by Notre Dame High School.



1. Google Apps for Education
Fast, easy collaboration is what makes Google Apps for Education unique.  The GAFE website and document creation tools offer real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility - an ideal environment for learning in the 21st century.

Google Privacy Policy
Google Terms of Service

2. YouTube
Website used to post and share video.

YouTube Privacy Policy
YouTube Terms of Service

3. Prezi
Prezi is an online resource for making bold presentations.

Prezi Privacy Policy
Prezi Terms of Service

4. Castle Learning
Castle Learning offers a comprehensive instructional support
platform for in class, homework, review, and testing available both online and offline.

Castle Learning Privacy Policy
Castle Learning Terms of Service