Chinese International Program

Notre Dame High School has partnered with Twinn Palms to provide housing for international students.  Twinn Palms is an international student management company with operations in the U.S., Canada, and China.

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On-Campus Residence

Students in the Chinese International Program reside on campus living in the former Sisters of Mercy Convent now known as the International Dormitory. The residence can accommodate up to 32 students. Each dorm room is a single occupancy with a common bathroom.  The dorm rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, and wardrobe closet.  Dormitory housing also includes study rooms, a kitchen, dining room, laundry room and a common recreational area.  The recreational room is equipped with a large flat screen TV, video games, a pool table, table tennis (ping pong) and a piano.  The recreational room provides students an area to relax and socialize with friends. High speed internet access is available.


Meals and Food Service

The international students will eat together in the Student Dining Room.  Breakfast and dinner are prepared by a local chef hired by Twinn Palms.  The chef does consider student requests when preparing weekly meal plans. Students will have access to snacks in between meals and in the early evening.  Lunch is provided in the high school cafeteria.


The Residence Coordinator of the International Dorm is employed by Twinn Palms. Twinn Palms works in conjunction with Three W, a company that specializes in full service educational marketing.  Working together the two organizations seek to enhance experiences for the international students.  Twinn Palms and Three W monitor the grades and behavior of the international students and remain in contact with the students’ parents.  Along with the residence coordinator the dorm is fully staffed 24 hours a day. All employees are screened thoroughly with a comprehensive background check.  The residence coordinators are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing a secure living environment for the international students.

On/Off Campus Activities

The international students are active members of the Notre Dame student body and participate in extracurricular activities and athletics alongside their American peers.  There are a wide range of  after school athletics and clubs to choose from.

Off campus activities are planned with input from the students.  Some outings have included field trips to sporting events, shopping outlets and touring area colleges.  

​In an attempt to help the students acclimate and become more familiar with the faculty and staff and student body social gatherings aside from extra-curricular activities are planned throughout the year.  ​