Special Announcments

Dear Notre Dame Family:

I wanted to make you all aware that Notre Dame HS held a meeting with the students and faculty this afternoon regarding COVID-19 in order to shed light on the topic and provide insight regarding our plans in the event the school has to temporarily close. Dr. Hazleton addressed the study body regarding the virus in order to 1) educate them regarding what we already know about it 2) explain the reason why there are efforts to contain it through school and other closings, and 3) provide an overview of preventative measures that we can all take at school and elsewhere.

I explained to the students that at this time I do not know if the school will be asked to close.  We will continue to rely on the information provided from the State of New York and the Chemung County Health Department, following any directives they may give.  In the event the school does close, instruction will continue. We already utilize an array of online resources.  Teachers who choose to offer instruction via a video conference medium such as Google Hangout or Zoom will do so during the students' normal instructional period so as to avoid potential conflicts with other teachers.  Teachers will upload assignments in Google Classroom just as they do now.  It is important that students keep up with their assignments and are mindful of due dates.  Students should not treat this as a time of vacation.  In fact, I urge students not to attend places in which there may be large crowds.  

The school has been thoroughly wiped down to include handrails, door knobs, and desks and will continue to be routinely cleaned to this level of detail at this time.  Students were reminded today of the importance of washing one's hands.  I encouraged students to report any hand soap dispenser or hand sanitizer dispenser that may be empty to the front office, an administrator, or a teacher.  Also, students should be mindful of touching their eyes, nose or mouth.  They should also wash or sanitize their hands prior to eating lunch if they eat foods such as sandwiches, wraps, fruit, and pizza that don't require the use of utensils. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.  You will be immediately made aware if our status changes.  


Deborah Franklin
Head of School, Notre Dame High School
1400 Maple Avenue
Elmira, New York 14904