10 reasons to choose Notre Dame

1. Higher Expectations for Higher Learning 
Based upon a 60-year history and tradition of academic excellence, Notre Dame High School has become the premier college preparatory school in the region. Notre Dame maintains an environment of high expectations, yielding successful results. Boasting a 100% graduation rate, Notre Dame students are exposed to a committed and engaged faculty who help guide them to academic achievement and success. 

2. Values-Based Education
Along with rigorous academic preparation, Notre Dame High School offers your student a learning environment that nurtures the whole child - mind and heart, body and soul. As a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, Notre Dame High School education is grounded in the core values of:
•  Compassion and Service
•  Education Excellence
•  World Vision and Responsibility
•  Spiritual Growth and Development
Our graduates leave Notre Dame not only with a diploma, but also with a moral foundation upon which they build successful and productive lives.

3. College Preparation and Success
A Notre Dame degree is highly regarded by college admissions officers throughout the nation. Our curriculum offers your student college credit through 9 AP and ACE courses, a variety of electives, class retreats, sophomore service projects and internship programs which, in turn, provide opportunities for a wide variety of college scholarships. With a Notre Dame education, your child will develop self-discipline, solid study habits and personal responsibility, all necessary traits to succeed in college and life.

4. A Diverse learning Environment
Notre Dame High School welcomes students of any race, color, creed and national origin. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive community. Students come from many different religious traditions and while Notre Dame students learn about world religions and cultures in the classroom, in the halls they experience the value of diversity first-hand, building life-long friendships.

5. Our “Family-Like” Atmosphere
At Notre Dame, your child will be part of the Notre Dame Family: every student is known by name and experiences a sense of belonging. Notre Dame is a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. With a student body of 357 and a favorable student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1, our students have the advantage of one-on-one interaction with teachers dedicated to nurturing their personal and education growth. Students are guaranteed more individualized attention, time and flexibility to dig more deeply into subjects and pursue individual projects, preparing them for the rigors of college course work.

6. Extensive Extracurricular Activities: Essential to Student Life
In keeping with our commitment to developing the whole child, Notre Dame offers numerous in-school and after-school activities to accommodate our students’ unique interests. Our extracurricular activities provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for self-expression, including clubs for leadership skills, service activities, the arts, literary publications and more. At Notre Dame, we strive to foster collective creativity where students can celebrate their talents, develop their skills and discover activities that become life-long passions and interests. 

7. Award-Winning Athletics
Notre Dame offers your student the opportunity to learn and grow within the competitive sports program built on tradition, integrity, discipline and determination. Our teams have won state, division and sectional awards and our program continues to be recognized for its sportsmanship and the positive qualities we foster within our scholar athletes.

8. An Affordable Private-School Education
As a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, we are committed to providing payment options to families who believe that our high school is the right choice for their child. Some of those options include needs-based subsidies for tuition, opportunities for financial assistance, as well as several scholarship programs.

9. Accessible Alumni
With Notre Dame as their alma mater, our students have a competitive advantage from the start. Being a part of the Notre Dame family doesn’t end at graduation. Whether entering college or joining the workforce, Notre Dame graduates have access to a world-wide network of successful alumni. 

10. Peace of Mind and “Return on Investment”
As a Notre Dame parent, you will rest easy in the knowledge that your student is getting the best high school education the region has to offer. Notre Dame is a school environment where students not only achieve but thrive. When the time comes for college, you will know that your graduate has the academic preparation and the moral grounding necessary to succeed. Investing in a Notre Dame education today yields life-long returns, especially the critical next step in a young person’s life: college acceptance.


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